Information about the DVLA and how we provide you with data.

Established in 1965 and formally known as the DVLC (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre) the DVLA is responsible for the administration of all UK registered vehicles and is based in Swansea.

Every registration number issues is totally unique.
All vehicle history is recorded against these unique numbers and when accessed will identify the registered keeper and show any adverse history recorded against it.

This will include such data as if it has been stolen, has suffered damage that has led to a write off or if it has been registered as scrapped.

With thousands of vehicles registered, the DVLA database is a substantial records storage centre used by the police and other agencies that require a check on vehicles registered in the UK. 

Enter any registration number into our number plate checker for a FREE check!

This can include cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries and even agricultural vehicles! If it has a number plate, CHECK DVLA can provide you with an
instant FREE check!

There are so many risks attached to buying a used car that failing to carry out a basic, low-cost check could cost you dearly! For just £2.99, you can check write-off history, registered as scrapped data, whether the vehicle has been reported stolen and much, much more!

We extract data and pass it to you to verify vehicle identity and any adverse history recorded against any vehicle you are checking. All data you receive is the latest recorded, so any discrepancies should be immediately reported to the DVLA.

DVLA check is FREE!
Access the DVLA database today and check used cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, motorbikes and all other types of vehicle, even vintage, passenger service vehicles and agricultural!


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The data we provide is taken from information stored on the DVLA database. Please note that we are not associated with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre.

The DVLA is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and is the organisation charged with the responsibility to record and store the information on all UK licensed vehicles.
For FREE access to this data, enter ANY registration number below.


The day a vehicle is registered to a new owner, the DVLA will record the ownership details and all of the vehicle data and when you intend to purchase ANY used vehicle, by entering the registration number into the UK number plate above, you can gain FREE access to it.

A FREE vehicle data check will provide an instant vehicle identity check online and no payment details are requested.

This FREE check will confirm that the make and the model match the registration number that is attached to the vehicle and provide the year of registration and the colour.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used vehicle, this basic free vehicle check is a must!
Once satisfied that the identity of the car, van or motorbike has been confirmed, a secondary check can be performed to establish any adverse history, an important vehicle check that is actually the responsibility of the buyer to carry out, not the seller.
By not checking vehicle history, you run the risk of owning a vehicle that may have suffered serious accident damage!

Did you realise that 1000's of vehicles each year have had their mileage altered to make the vehicle appear worth far more than it should be, had the true mileage been declared?

Did you know that 1000's of vehicles each year also get scrapped, repaired and then returned to the road? These vehicles are then sold privately to buyers who could have done a simple online, instant check and avoided the purchase!

 DVLA CHECK will also confirm whether a used vehicle has any finance outstanding, a major problem that is on the increase due to the economic climate in the UK. 
1000's of sellers failing to settle the outstanding debt, selling their vehicles and placing the responsibility on the buyer. The vehicle buyer who failed to carry out a third party check!


Please be aware: It is the responsibility of the buyer to check vehicle history, not the seller to supply it.
Thousands of used car buyers discover discrepancies in their vehicle every week and have no recourse.

Check out any used vehicle before you complete the purchase and get a comprehensive history report, it could save you 1000's of pounds! 

Since the DVLA made their records available for public research, 100's 0f 1000's of vehicle checks have been carried out. These checks have returned information that has prevented many potential UK vehicle purchasers from buying stolen vehicles, write-offs and many other potentially life threatening or financial loss type problems. Don't take the risk, a basic check is free and will provide an identity check, the first most important step to ensuring you are buying what you see! Further checks are only a few pounds but could save you thousands! Check the DVLA database today!
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