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The vehicle check we provide is an up to date report based on data that has been registered with the DVLA.

The free data will confirm the make, model, colour and year of registration.

Our premium check, from only £2.99, will report on write-off history, scrap records, whether the vehicle is on the stolen vehicle register and much more, including technical data, number of owners, import history etc.

Not doing a vehicle check can lead to you purchasing a vehicle that may be of far less value than what you pay.

Mileage discrepancy can cost you a loss between £50 to £100 per 1000 miles over the average,  so check mileage data before you buy, it is not the sellers responsibility to provide you with adverse history data, it is the buyers to check it!

A large percentage of vehicles we check are discovered to have some information recorded.

Any information that we discover could lead to a devaluation in the purchase price, which means you will likely be paying too much for the vehicle, resulting in an initial financial loss, almost certain to result in a loss of the sale value also.


Check ANY used vehicle registered in the UK by verifying the identity and data stored with the DVLA. These are the details that are displayed on the vehicle registration document. Check when a car, van, motorbike or any other vehicle was first registered and the specifications such as engine size, previous owners, vehicle identification number (VIN) much more.



Has your DVLA vehicle check confirmed that the vehicle you are checking matches their records?

Did your car check provide you with enough information to proceed with the purchase? A vehicle identity check will only confirm minimum details which you should use to compare with a visual inspection.

With auto fraud in the UK a major issue, just carrying out a car identity check is not going far enough to ensure you won't get caught out! Whilst you can be assured that the vehicle matches the first registration data, what you won't know is whether it has suffered adverse history during the time it has been on the road. For a nominal charge, this can all be verified, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in loss to the value and in some cases, save you driving a vehicle that may not be roadworthy!

Adverse vehicle history can include write off information, mileage correction data, whether it has been recorded as a stolen vehicle or registered as previously scrapped. These are only a few of the issues that can be found when you do a DVLA vehicle history check.

Checking car registration numbers though our service to confirm the vehicle identity can be carried out at no cost to the user and vehicle checks are unlimited. If you are looking a more than one car, or even a motorbike, then check them all. 

If it has been registered in the UK, is a used vehicle, our system will search though multiple databases to bring you up to date information that could potentially save you not only thousands of pounds in losses, but the vehicle too! 

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